Silversmiths are skilled craftspeople who make items from silver and other metals. Silversmith trade can be considered a luxury trade because silver has always been considered a high priced material. This is one of the reasons why silversmiths work with copper and brass sometimes: they are more affordable than silver, and have similar working properties. Silversmiths have been around for thousands of years, but are gradually becoming rare and less popular in the modern era.

A silversmith’s job may include constructing different objects like knife handles, bowls, serving trays, ornaments, jewelry, sporting trophies, tea sets, flatware, boxes, picture frames and christening gifts. Even though some silversmiths are trained to become experts in all the steps needed to make a certain type of piece, not all trained silversmiths can work without the help of other skilled craftsmen to complete pieces of work.

The job of the silversmiths is very delicate, so before accepting any design specifications, you must check and be sure they can offer that exact service you need. The instructions may be a simple drawing or complex design, however, after receiving any instructions from a client to make a particular item, go through the design to know what aspects will not work well in your practice, and make corrections where you need to. Silversmithing can still be a profitable career today for people who are hired by clients or large silver producing companies which want custom pieces.

Becoming a silversmith is easy, but you may have to train for many years. If you are aspiring to be one, you may have to serve as an apprentice to older, more experienced craftsmen. You can choose to train as an apprentice, or take a full-time college or university course in one of the institutions that offer degree courses in decorative arts.