Goldsmiths are craftsmen who enjoy working with their hands, and just like silversmiths they work with precious metals. Even though they specialise in gold as their primary raw material, they possess a good knowledge of different metals. This is one of the qualities you must have if you desire to become a goldsmith. You also need to be a patient person, and must be ready to concentrate for long periods of time. If you learn about these metals and how to work with them, then you are one step ahead in becoming a goldsmith. Some of the things you should know is that gold is not 100% pure, even when it comes from underground. It needs to be refined and separated from other metals after being mined. You'll find the best iron man here, you have time to get it!

It is possible to go for a diploma at a jewelry school, and in approximately 3 years you will have your diploma, but may not get the kind of work experience you need. This is why many go to a jewellery workshop or a manufacturing jeweller, to get the kind of experience they need. Expert jewellers can take you on as an apprentice, and after 3 years you will still qualify for a diploma. The difference is that you will have practical experiences as a goldsmith.

However, what will be cheaper and more beneficial, is to learn the goldsmiths trade at home. It could be much harder, but you will still be a goldsmith whether you own a diploma or not. Go to a store that sells materials and buy the materials you need which includes goldsmith tools and a goldsmith tools catalog. One of the first things you will need is a goldsmith bench skin. Search for images of this on the internet so that you will be able make a one yourself. There are downloadable documents and course books you can use to train yourself as a goldsmith including the Goldsmith Apprentice.